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What Does Eco / Ethical Tourism Even Mean?!

These terms get thrown around a lot these days: ethical travel, eco-tourism, sustainable tourism, responsible and conscious tourism. But what the hell does it even mean?! Is it just an excuse for a hotel to stop cleaning their sheets and provide shitty wifi? Is it all just clever marketing? Allowing consumers to get some feel-goods…

Best Sea Kayaking Destinations in the World

Secure your spray skirt and buckle up your buoyancy aid, we are about to launch into the best sea kayaking destinations in the ENTIRE WORLD. But first… What Makes Something the Worlds Best Sea Kayaking Destination? Well, there’s a lot to consider when deciding what exactly makes somewhere the best sea kayaking destination. Is it…

How Not To Get Eaten by a Bear

After a long fascination with Canada – the natural beauty, the incomprehensibly vast wilderness and the wildlife that inhabit it, I was finally relocating to the West Coast at the beginning of the summer. Before heading out, there was something that was really playing on my mind… how not to get eaten by a bear….