Welcome to Get Paid to Travel the World With Writing & Photography!

In this course you will learn: 

  • a clear pathway for turning a skill into a profession, taking you from zero experience to making money whilst you travel
  • reframing the way you look at travel. You are probably already doing things that businesses want – it’s time start selling it!
  • how you can save huge amounts of money by marketing your skills (I’m talking hotels, restaurants, adventure tours, unique experiences) 
  • different avenues for generating income whilst travelling 

It’s a hugely competitive industry because it’s so easy to enter. Everyone has the ability to take nice photos on their phones and write online. The good news is, most people suck at it and don’t know how to market themselves. It’s time to cut through the bullshit and stand out as a professional. 

This course combines writing and photography because there is a lot of overlap between the two. The methods for growth are exactly the same and can be applied to either just writing, just photography or a combination of the two.

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The Pathway to Success

The following modules are available in the course: 

  1. Choosing Your Niche – being a photographer is too broad. Let’s find the niche that works best for you.
  2. Equipment – what you need and more importantly, what you don’t need. 
  3. Honing Your Skills – how to up skill without spending any money. 
  4. Building A Portfolio – don’t wait for someone else to tell you you are a writer/photographer. Start right now. 
  5. Developing Your Voice & Style – let your personality shine through your work. There is only one you and nobody else can do it better. 
  6. Getting Yourself Out There – don’t be the best writer that nobodies heard of – let’s get your work into the wider world.
  7. Adventure Repurposing – how to get paid for photos you’ve already taken and adventures you’ve already been on!
  8. Leveraging Social Media – social media is a game. If you play it right, you can win real life prizes $$$. 
  9. Creating vs Consuming – how to tread the thin line and keep a healthy mental state.
  10. Approaching Clients, Knowing Your Value – how will your dream clients find you? They won’t. You must find them.
  11. How To Make Money With Writing & Photography – how to bring this all together and begin your journey as a writer and/or photographer.

Does This Stuff Actually Work?

I have taken a step back to look at the processes I have already been using to find clients and get paid to travel the world. There was no blueprint to follow myself, just a lot of failed attempts, dead ends, cold emails and being told ‘no’. I had no previous experience in photography, writing, marketing or building a brand. After a long time of wondering if it was a dream that I’d never achieve, that I just wasn’t lucky enough to get there, things finally started falling into place. 

In 2020 alone (that’s right, even in 2020), I’ve been paid to fly half way across the world to visit new countries, been given a 1973 VW Camper for a long-weekend to play with, had 19 days accommodation covered in a 4 star hotel, taken on kayak tours, international FAM trips (trips for industry people: tour agents, photographers etc.) and much, much more.  

By following this course, you will be able to skip out the years of trial and error, skip out the rejection and jump straight ahead with methods that have been proven to work.

All sounds a bit too good to be true, huh?

Below are some recent invoices I have gotten for my own freelance photography and writing work. The red numbers indicate how much money I have saved.

How much can you then earn on top of that? Well, that’s up to you.

how to travel the world with writing and photography

Who Is This Course For? 

Get Paid To Travel The World With Writing & Photography‘ is for anyone who wishes to either supplement their lifestyle with fun and exciting experiences, or who wishes to work towards turning their passions into a career. 

If it’s a lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, but never been quite sure where to start, or you’ve always been curious of how other people manage to live life on their own terms… by buying this course, you’ll have all of those questions answered and be well on your way to shaping a lifestyle full of travel and adventure. 

You Do Not NeedYou Do Need
– a degree in photography, english, marketing, etc

– any previous experience in the industry

– fancy / expensive equipment
– an interest to learn 

– a willingness to put yourself out there

– a creative and curious mind

Where Do I Sign Up?

I love the enthusiasm! I hope reading through the layout of this course has got you royally stoked for the possibilities of where this exciting life can take you.

If you are interested in purchasing ‘Get Paid to Travel the World With Writing & Photography‘, please leave your email below as well as following Global Shenanigans (@global_shenanigans) on social media. This will ensure that you do not miss the release in Spring 2021.


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