There is a recurring theme that binds every form of adventure sport together. It is the glue that holds us all as one, no matter what particular form of outdoor recreation you partake in.

What I am talking about is the appreciation and dependence on Mother Nature and the respect for the environment.

helping baby sea turtle baja

Celebrating Nature

This section of the website is dedicated towards celebrating nature – helping us develop a deeper and more profound respect for the outdoors, wild spaces and all life that inhabits it. By taking conscious steps towards generating positive impacts on the world, we can cultivate an environment based on growth and sustainability. This allows us to continue enjoying nature and outdoor pursuits, without causing negative impacts on the spaces we love to play in.

To begin down the path of responsible, environmentally conscious tourism, we must first try to figure out what the hell ethical and eco-tourism even mean.

As the site grows, so will the discussion on conservation and protection of wild spaces, as well as our impact on them.

For now, you can get started on finding out How Not to Get Eaten by a Bear, and other best practises for backcountry safety in regards to wildlife.

In my opinion, one of the best ways of enjoying nature is via a kayak. By using a self-propelled craft you are having a more connected experience. Check out the Best Sea Kayaking Destinations in the World to add a few places to your bucket list.

If you getting balls deep amongst nature, be smart and get yourself some decent adventure travel insurance before you go!