As a freelance writer & photographer, I have been fortunate to work with industry leading brands within the adventure travel niche. They have sent me around the world in search of a good story, to gain information or find a fantastic shoot location.

The links below will take you to the articles posted on their websites. These are some of the highlights: 

Podcast Features

Occupation Wild

‘How to Get Paid to Travel The World’

The Adventure Sports Podcast

‘The Epic Life of a Full-Time Adventure Guide’

Worldwide: The Paddler 

The World’s Best Sea Kayak Destinations

Guyana: Adventure In You

Becoming a Cowboy on a Guyanese Ranch

4×4 and ATV Off-Road Adventure Tour Review

Things to Do in Guyana Not to Be Missed

Baja, Mexico: Don’t Forget To Move

Things to Do in Baja, Sur: Activities & Adventures

Belize: Don’t Forget To Move

What to Do in Belize: Activities & Adventures

Cape Verde: Craghoppers

Spring / Summer 2020 Collection Photoshoot

Bicol, Phillipines: Adventure In You

What to Do in Bicol, Other Than Swim With Whale Sharks

Content Articles: Adventure In You

The Silk Walk Expedition

The Ultimate Guide to Hitchhiking

The Wandering Climber

Destination climbing guide for Squamish

rock climbing the chief Squamish

Content Piece: Free Solo Rock Climbing

free solo rock climbing high sierra

Travels and Wandering

A Guide to Van Life

how to travel the world

Top Tips for Converting a Van

Everything to Know for a Canadian Working Holiday Visa