Travel the World with the Outdoor Industry

how to work in the outdoor industry



How Can I Travel the World AND Get Paid? Start Working in the Outdoor Industry! 

I’ve spent the last 10 years travelling the world with the Outdoor Industry. I’ve been working as a guide, instructor and expedition leader around the globe. From Europe, East Asia, Africa, North & Central America and down in New Zealand.


People would often ask, “Chris, what is it you actually do and how could I do it too?” Well, me being the top bloke that I am, I usually try my best to help them. That’s why I have created a 9,217 word, 60 page document that offers clear guidance of just that.


The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime. That’s one-third of your entire life.


Why work now for the promise of an enjoyable life later? Work should be the fun part!



how to work in the outdoor industry



Whether you are looking for a summer break, a gap year, a winter ski season or to begin a lifelong career in the outdoors, you will find clear direction to start making that happen.


This isn’t fluff.


This is genuine information of how to enter the Outdoor Industry and start travelling the world.


Some of my own jobs in the Outdoor Industry include:

– Sea kayaking with humpback whales & orca

– Camping in the deserts of Inner Mongolia

– Hiking the Great Wall of China

– Leading expeditions to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro

– Digging watering holes for African wildlife

– Ripping around on jet skis with children’s charity groups

– Kayaking alongside erupting volcanoes

– Snowboarding for 24 months in a 5-year period


This is a practical guide full of information that I WISH I had access to when I started out. This could literally change the course of your entire life and career.


And all of this information is going to cost you… $0.


So please share this and pass it along to someone you know who could benefit.


Live life, have fun and get paid.

-Chris ✌



travel the world with the outdoor industry

how to work in the outdoor industry