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  • 8 Ways to Stay Safe When Sea Kayaking
    Mother Nature is to be respected in all forms, particularly on the ocean. The sea can turn on you in an instant, with changing tides, currents, weather and various other unexpected hazards. How to stay safe when sea kayaking is the most important piece of knowledge you need – as the number one priority of … Read more
  • Kayaking in Baja Mexico | Packing List
    Here is everything you need to bring with you for a sea kayaking trip to Baja, Mexico!         The Baja summers are roasting hot and the winters can be wild and windy. Our trip lands perfectly in the middle, where we experience the best of both – later than the winds yet … Read more
  • Sea Kayaking – Everything You Need to Know
    Ahoy, salty sea dogs!   You are here because you want to learn more about the art of sea kayaking. You enjoy the refreshing splash of a wave across your bow, the salty sea air in your lungs and the sweet pursuit of nature of the watery kind, that can only be obtained using a … Read more
  • A Morning Hunting with the Hadzabe Tribe
    In November 2020, I spent 30 days in Tanzania on a scouting mission for Global Shenanigans Expeditions. As well as climbing the mighty Mt. Kilimanjaro and spending over 14 days on safari, I was able to experience something truly unique and unforgettable. And that was the opportunity to spend a morning hunting with the Hadzabe … Read more
  • Climbing Kilimanjaro & Safari During Covid Pandemic
    Many people are sat at home, unsure of whether it is safe to travel during these uncertain times. It can be difficult to find reliable information, and I am certain even in your own communities, there are polar opposite views on what the correct behaviour should be. I wanted to share my personal experience of … Read more
  • Kilimanjaro Hike: Everything You Need to Know!
    Welcome to the ultimate Kilimanjaro guide! You’ll find absolutely Everything to Know Before a Kilimanjaro Hike right here. Including: how high is Kilimanjaro? How long does it take to climb Kilimanjaro? What is the best Kilimanjaro hiking route to take? As well as lots more facts and useful information!    And if you’d like any … Read more
  • What It’s Really Like to Climb Kilimanjaro: Trip Journal
    You’ve seen the summit photos, the smiling faces, epic backdrops, happy hikers and endless cloud inversions. But we all know what promo photos and social media is like. You often only get to see the best bits. It may leave you wondering, “What is it really like to climb Mt Kilimanjaro?” For that reason, I have … Read more
  • Surfing in Mexico – Top 3 Surf Destinations
    With nearly 6,000 miles (9,000 kms) of stunning coastline decorated by nature with long sandy beaches, dramatic cliff faces and sheltered coves, it’s no wonder that surfing in Mexico is on the bucket list of so many surfers around the world – kooks and pros alike. The best surfing in Mexico is on the Pacific … Read more
  • The Adventure Travel Books Library
    This article may contain affiliate / compensated links. For full information, please see our disclaimer here. This page aims to be an ever growing library of adventure travel books. The library is categorised into sub-niches where possible to make for easier browsing. Use this list as a go-to for inspiration when you are stuck wondering what to … Read more
  • A Guide to Adventure Activities in Tanzania
    When people think of Tanzania, often it is of Mt. Kilimanjaro mountain climbing, wildlife and of the many tribal cultures. Tanzania and adventure go hand in hand, so in this guide for adventure activities in Tanzania we shall explore even further to help you build the perfect itinerary for your stay!      Mountain Climbing … Read more
  • Kilimanjaro Kit List – What to Bring on Your Hike
        Time for the fun bit – building your Kilimanjaro Kit List and buying shiny new gear!  This Kilimanjaro Kit List shall provide you with all the information necessary to set you up for your big trip. I would recommend compiling your kit as early as possible. This gives you ample time to get the … Read more
  • Pembrokeshire: The Best Road Trip in Wales
    When trying to decide where to go on a road trip in Wales, you are faced with a lot of fantastic options. Wales is of course known for its beautiful countryside – the rolling green hills around Brecon Beacon National Park, the rugged mountains of Snowdonia National Park in North Wales, and also the coastal cities … Read more
  • What Does Eco / Ethical Tourism Even Mean?!
    These terms get thrown around a lot these days: ethical travel, eco-tourism, sustainable tourism, responsible and conscious tourism. But what the hell does it even mean?! Is it just an excuse for a hotel to stop cleaning their sheets and provide shitty wifi? Is it all just clever marketing? Allowing consumers to get some feel-goods … Read more
  • Hiking Near Padstow – The Seven Bays
    This article may contain affiliate / compensated links. For full information, please see our disclaimer here. Cornwall offers some of the finest summer hiking in the UK due to its favourable weather and incredible coastal sea paths. One of the best sections of hiking near Padstow is the ‘Seven Bays of Padstow‘, a route connecting seven stunning … Read more
  • Choosing the Best Adventure Sports Travel Insurance
    For us outdoor enthusiasts, it can be tricky to squeeze yourself into the ‘one size fits all’ travel insurance standards. The modern day explorer needs a lean, tailored adventure travel insurance policy that can be accessed from devices, not faxes.  For the same reason you rope up before rock climbing or throw on a PFD … Read more
  • How to Become a Ski or Snowboard Instructor
    So, you’ve been on a few ski holidays, you enjoy the outdoors or have just always fancied the mountain lifestyle. For whatever reason, you’ve decided to figure out how to become a ski or snowboard instructor. Well, you are clearly in the right place. But before I get into the good stuff, there’s a couple … Read more
  • Best Sea Kayaking Destinations in the World
    Secure your spray skirt, buckle up your buoyancy aid and batten down your day hatch. Here are some of the world’s greatest sea kayaking destinations to add to your bucket list!   But first…     What Makes Somewhere the World’s Best Sea Kayaking Destination?   Well, there’s a lot to consider when deciding what … Read more
  • The Yangshuo Rock Climbing Guide
    Yangshuo is one of the most epic fairy tale towns I have ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes upon. Drawing in local holiday makers and international dirtbags alike, there really is something for everyone. That’s why I wanted to throw together a Yangshuo rock climbing guide: to up your stoke levels, get Yangshuo … Read more
  • FREE Things to Do During Lockdown
    Unless you’ve been living under a rock or have been spending too much time in your nuclear fallout bunker already – you may have realised that life as we know it has been put on hold. It sucks. There’s no other way about it. I wanted to try and make your life just a little … Read more
  • The Great Blue Hole Scenic Flight
    ‘The Great Blue Hole’ is a ridiculously massive sink hole off the coast of Belize, near to Caye Caulker. The hole is a perfect circle that looks completely otherworldly, as it’s surrounded by crystal clear Caribbean waters. When I started to research ‘things to do in San Pedro’, and ‘things to do in Caye Caulker’, … Read more
  • Ultimate Guide for Van Life & Road Tripping
    The absolute definitive van life guide to end all other van life guides. Get ready for a life on the road! What was previously the symbol of a life in shambles is now one of the most sought after and envied ways of living – in a van, by the river. It seems to be … Read more
  • How Not To Get Eaten by a Bear
    After a long fascination with Canada – the natural beauty, the incomprehensibly vast wilderness and the wildlife that inhabit it, I was finally relocating to the West Coast at the beginning of the summer. Before heading out, there was something that was really playing on my mind… how not to get eaten by a bear. … Read more
  • Simple Van Conversion Idea for Chevy Express
    Here it is folks! Chevy Express Camper Van Conversion, Keeping it Simple This is my simple camper van conversion idea for a Chevy Express, an ‘8 step How to Guide’ on exactly what I did to convert a gutted out Chevrolet Express work van into a home on wheels.    I would just like to … Read more
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