Okay, so here’s the long version…

I am a fully certified sea kayak guide, snowboard instructor and expedition leader and have been since 2012. The list doesn’t end there either.

I’ve helped visually impaired, wheel chair bound children experience driving a jet ski for the first time; youth offenders charged with grand theft auto drive 4×4 vehicles off-road and dug out watering holes for African wildlife. I’ve kayaked with orca, humpback whales and active volcanoes. On reflection, it’s a fairly unique line of work. 

When I’m not taking groups on adventures, I’m making my own. Adventure travel has become an all engulfing passion of mine and every spare moment is spent finding ways to make the most of this wonderful planet of ours. 

I have been embracing the unknown for some time now. It’s led me to some weird and wacky experiences. I’ve been fascinated by cultures different to mine; people and places that once felt a world away.

The purpose of this website is to encourage YOU, the reader, to create your own adventures, unique to you. It could be a month, it could be a week or it could even be a spare day or two. I hope that by sharing my stories, as well as a couple knowledge bombs here and there, you will be throwing your TV out the window and packing your bags.

Life is there for the taking and I hope that by sharing some stoke, you’ll find a way to say ‘yes‘ too.